Monken Crusher

Destruction hero

1v1 furious battle Produce the results of daily practice!

You can have a 2 player battle with only one Nintendo Switch unit! Hone your skills and defeat your rivals.
Who can beat Kumojin first? Who can destroy the building first? Who will win the title of Crusher in this stoic battle? There is no doubt! This battle mode will be a hot game like no other.

How to play? How to play Monken Crusher

Destroy the building and defeat the terorrists (Kumojin)!
Simple, strong, and competitive.
Hit the highest score by swinging the crane!

Various crane cars There is a difference in the score

You have a lot of cranes to choose from.
We have prepared various crane cars with different performances.
Players have the chance to raise their scores and make good use of the Monken gravity and power to improve their scores.

A great number of stages 7 stages with different themes

There are various stages with different levels of difficulty.
Players have the chance to attack and defeat Kumojin. Hunt them down as they hid in the building. Check each place and hit your best score.

In September 2014, Monken first appeared in cloud fund.
Now it has been reborn.

The act of swinging an iron ball called "Monken" which hangs from a crane and defeating the terrorist "Kumojin" hiding in the building is exhilirating!

The act of destroying the building and rescuing hostages is exciting.

The player must swing Monken around to rescue the hostages trapped in the building. Upset Kumojin free all hostages and help them escape unharmed!

Monken Crusher
Title : Monken Crusher
Model : Nintendo Switch
Players : 1 to 2 players